President’s Word

Dear visitor,

In a globalized economy, business success often depends on having the right network and having access to the right people at the right time. Even when many of the trade barriers are gradually disappearing, sourcing the right products and services from the right people often remains a challenge.

The Belgolux Sri Lanka Business Council has the ambition to bring potential business partners closer to one another through a variety of activities and actions, foster a fruitful business environment and advise policy makers on measures that improve the business climate between the three countries.

If you too believe that trade is an effective way to increase the pace of development in a sustainable way and to create welfare for all, we kindly invite you to discover the Belgolux Sri Lanka Business Council, its mission and its activities and, perhaps, consider supporting our platform and join the network.

Finally, whether it be for business or leisure, we invite you to discover the splendorous island, its generous people, its breath-taking fauna and flora and its rich history.

Sadarayen piligannawa!

Yours sincerely,

Gerard van Os
President of BLSLBC

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